Recruitment of Road Marshal

The club is open to interested members of the public who are active free and willing to devote their time voluntarily to save lives on the road.

How to apply
  1. Application forms to be filled with all requirements.
  2. CSO then send names and forms to MRCET for approval.
  3. Once approval is given participant are then called to attend training with the department.
  4. After training participants are given assignment to complete within a week.
  5. When completing assignment participant are then issued with ID card, Road Marshal T shirt and reflector Vest.
  6. This is to be worn at all times when Marshals are conducting road safety awareness programs.
What are the Requirements?
  1. 1 certified copy of the Birth Certificate or Driver’s Licence or Passport,
  2. 1 certified copy of TIN.
  3. 1 CV.
  4. 2 Reference Letter.
  5. 2 Passport Photos.
  6. Attend a Road Marshall workshop.