Renewal Application

To get an Inspection Agency Permit Renewed, you will need to fulfill some conditions. Below is the process of how you can successfully get your Inspection Agency Permit renewed.

Checklists (What to carry with you when at the Counter)

  1. Your current Inspection Agency Permit must be valid.
  2. Your agency must have a valid vehicle inspector.


1 Annual fees - TBD
2 Inspection Agency Permit Fee - TBD


  1. Fill in the application form (you can get this form online or at LTA’s office)
  2. Submit the application form together with the checklist (as mentioned above) to the Customer Service Officer (CSO)
  3. Once the CSO has updated your application in the system, you will need to pay the Application fees.
  4. After you have paid the application fees, you will receive your receipt.
  5. Your application will go through the approval process.
  6. Once your application is approved you will then receive an approval letter.
  7. After you have received your approval letter, you need to pay the permit fee of $TBD.

Summary Workflow

  • Application for Renewal Inspection Agency Permit