​Public Transport

Members of the Public including tourists that come to Fiji need to understand that they can only use a public transport vehicle that are legal. Such vehicles include taxis, rental, hire, Minibus and Omnibus.

They can distinguish the licensed public transport by the color of the registration plates for (Taxi’s, Rentals, Hire car, Minibus and Licensed Carrier) which is yellow and red plates for Road Service License (RSL’s).

Any vehicles other than the colored number plates mentioned above would be considered illegal and the members of the public are discouraged to use such vehicles as this can lead to some serious chaotic situations when they are caught by the Enforcement agencies or if they are involved in an accident.

You can contribute in upholding the law and keeping the PSV industry safe and promote their investments and educate the people of Fiji to be law abiding citizens and be free from any illegal activities by using the legal PSV vehicles as stipulated in the law.