Vehicle from Private to Commercial and Vice-Versa

To change the class of a private vehicle to commercial and vice versa, see the following procedures

Pre – requisites (Prior Condition before Application)

  1. Pay all your convicted TINs.
  2.  Vehicle  should not have any current defect.
    1.  If vehicle has defects, pay the defects, clear the defects.
  3. Financial Interest should be cleared (If any), or arrangements made.

Checklists (What to bring)

  1. Write a Request Letter to the Authority that you want to change the class and the reason.
  2. Filled application form.
  3. Valid third party policy


1 Inspection fees    $​13.74
1.2 Issuance of Inspection certificate $​13.74
2 New Registration certificate $​3.79
3 Change of class     $​8.53
  Total $​39.80


  1. Fill in the change of class form (you can get this form online or at LTA’s office or online.
  2. Submit the application form together with request letter to the Customer Service Officer. (CSO)
  3. Your application will then travel to the senior vehicle examiner and the regional manager for approval.
  4. If your application is approved, the CSO will issue you with a 3rd party amendment letter where you need to go and change the 3rd party and make it commercial or private.
  5. Bring back the amendment 3rd party to the CSO and pay the inspection fees. Fees 1 above.
  6. Take your vehicle to the vehicle examiner for inspection. If the inspection is passed, examiner will tell you to go to the CSO and pay the fees.
  7. You will queue again at the CSO’s counter and pay the Issuance of Inspection certificate, Registration certificate and change of class fees.
  8. CSO will give you a new Registration certificate. The vehicle class will be changed.

Summary Workflow

  • Change-of-Class---Private-to-Commercial