Show Cause Procedure

Show Cause Procedure



Show Cause LTA - Customer will be called in for a Show Cause Hearing.

  • Authority will issue notice to parties involved in the process.
  • Notice be received by the parties not less than seven ( 7 days ), to the date of the hearing.

Show Cause Hearing

  • Authority must ensure that a fair hearing is conducted & all parties involved must be present
  • Hearing must be conducted as follows :-
    • Complainant must be heard first on the complaints lodged leading to the booking.
    • Permit holder / Vehicle owner / driver must have a right of reply to the complaints and must be tell CEO/LTA Board why permit / driving licence or motor vehicle registration should not be Suspended/Cancelled or Varied.
    • Complainant may be given an opportunity to reply
    • Decision is to be made by the CEO or the LTA Board.