How To Do New Registration 

To register a brand new vehicle, you will need to fulfill some conditions. Below is the process of how you can successfully do a new registration

Pre – requisites

  1. Applicant(s) to be client in the system.


  1. The cancellation certificate from the country of origin (only for Second Hand Vehicle registration).
  2. Translation of cancellation certificate if not in English
  3. Bill of lading with chasis number and stamp
  4. Customs entry document with chasis number and FRCA stamp
  5. Specifications document(For all class of vehicles and machinery )
  6. For limited liability companies-Memorandum and article Of Association.
  7. Sole trader –Extract of particulars of registration (registration of companies for sole- trader only.) Form 9 to specify the details of the owner
  8. Company registration certificate with the director’s name & signatories. (The above applies if client/vehicle owner has not registered a vehicle under the company name)


1 First registration application fee $​13.74
2 Issue of New number plate $​13.74
3 Fitting of number plate $​4.74
  Total $​32.22


  1. No two vehicles can have the same Engine # and Chassis # (Engine # can be re-used with modification as approved.)
  2. System should alert if an individual is importing more than two vehicles within 5 years.
  3. System should allow these exceptions for running number plates: 1 alphabet followed by maximum of 4 numeric, 2 alphabets followed by maximum of 3 numeric.
  4. For taxis, it should be “LT” followed by maximum of 4 numeric.
  5. For Minivan, it should be “LM” followed by maximum of 4 numeric.
  6. For Rural Services, it should be “RSL” followed by maximum of 3 numeric.
  7. For Carriers, it should be LC followed by maximum of 4 numeric.
  8. For Hire, it should be LH followed by 4 numeric.
  9. For LT, once it reaches LT9999, move to LT 10000.
  10. All above numbers should have a provision to get extended by 1 numeric value.
  11. For brand new private vehicles, system should exempt them from annual registration fees for 3 years.
  12. If a vehicle is not reserved with a number plate then the running number options will be shown in a dropdown based on the office allocations.
  13. All vehicles (Private, commercial, government, diplomats, PSV) should be assigned with a running number before allocation of government/ unique/ psv/ diplomatic number.
  14. Allocation of running number is mandatory before accepting the first registration fees.
  15. Only Government vehicles are exempted from all fees.
  16. NGO’s are exempted from all road levy fees.
  17. Diplomat and Diplomatic Organization are exempted according to the schedule.