Standard & Compliance

Standards & Compliance is responsible for drafting, reviewing and implementing standard policies and procedures and making necessary changes to suit the Authority’s business processes for continuous improvements. This is in alignment with LTA’s Corporate Plan and National Policies.

Internal and external audits are also undertaken to identify anomalies/ and shortfalls and to ensure compliance to standards.

The unit also conducts training for both staff [multi-skilling of LTA officers as Driving Examiners, LTA Authorized Drivers & Technical Workshops] and stakeholders including DG [Dangerous Goods] & DIP [Driving Instructors Permit] with fees of $304.50 and $750 respectively.

Internal & external investigations are conducted to deal with complaints and 2nd checks on operational areas, e.g. hire/rental permit applications, driving schools, half cut vehicles, tampered chassis etc.

Standards & Compliance is also tasked to deal with applications for Authorized Motor Vehicle Dealers {AMVD}, Authorized Motor Vehicle Inspection Agencies {AMVIA}, Self Inspection Agencies and accreditation programmes which comprise of the following:


1 Accreditation Compliance Workshop $568.70
2 Tinting Agency $236.96
3 Coachwork Construction $1137.39
4 Coachwork Refurbishment $568.70
5 Smoke Repair Workshop/Fuel Pump Servicing Workshop $236.96
6 Canopy Construction Workshop $236.96
7 Taxi Meter Calibration Agency $284.35
8 Tyre Servicing Repair $94.78
9 Panel & Body Workshop $94.78
10 Motor Vehicle Air Condition Workshop $94.78
11 Automotive Electrical Workshop $94.78
12 Accreditation Driving Academy $379.13
13 LTA Approved Certified Engineer $189.57

The unit also provides policy guidance on processes, procedures and COP (Code of Practice) and such are either reviewed or new documents created.

Vehicle load management & vehicle smoke emission are two [2] key focus areas where activities such as awareness, road side enforcement and issuance of TINs [Traffic Infringement Notice] and defect orders.

We conduct joint operations with LTA Enforcement and stakeholders like Police, Municipal Councils, FRA. A lot of emphasis is placed on research & international benchmarking as this is an integral strategy to bring LTA up to par with rapid developments in the transport industry and examples of some projects are Fully Automated Motor Vehicle Inspection Systems at Valelevu & Lautoka, purchase of Portable X-Ray Machine to assist in detection of half –cut vehicles, tampered chassis, portable wheel weighers for vehicle load management.

Stakeholder meetings are an important part of unit activities and a lot of emphasis is placed on this and we have formed Working Group Meetings with important stakeholders, e.g FRCA, FRA, Consumer Council, Commerce Commission to name a few.

Standards & Compliance can be contacted on: