Cancellation of Registration

There are 2 types of cancellation of registration.

  1. You are trying to take your vehicle abroad.
  2. Your vehicle is not road worthy and will not be used on the road anymore.

In both the scenarios, you will need to inform the authority using the process below:

Pre – requisites (Prior Condition before Application)

  1. If vehicle has to be taken abroad
    1. Financial Interest must be cleared.(if the vehicle has Financial Interest)
    2. Defects has to be cleared(if applicable)
    3. Owner need to clear all the convicted TINs.(if applicable)
    4. Arrears of vehicle registration if any.

  2. If vehicle is written off in accident/ or not in a usable condition:
    1. Technical report by the Vehicle Examiner

Checklists (What to bring)

  1. Technical report if vehicle is written off.
  2. Application for cancellation form.
  3. Number plates to be surrendered.
  4. Registration label if the registration is valid.


1 Vehicle Removed from Fiji  
  Application fees for Cancellation $ 9.48
  Removal Certificate
Application For Removal Certificate
$ 9.48
TOTAL $84.36

2 Cancellation by Owner
Application fees for Cancellation $9.48
Cancellation by Owner $65.40
TOTAL $74.88


  1. Fill in the application form (you can get this form online or at LTA’s office.
  2. Submit application form together with the checklist (as mentioned above) at any LTA Office.
  3. CSO updates application collects fees.
  4. Application approves by the Team Leader.
  5. Number plates surrendered and Cancellation Certificate issued for vehicle removed from Fiji.
  6. Record is updated accordingly.

Summary Workflow

  • Cancellation-of-Registration