Seizure and Impounding

Under Section 49 (1) (3) and 114 of Land Transport Act 1998 stipulates; Any person who drives or uses or permits to be driven or used upon a public street any motor vehicle or trailer which is not registered under sub-section (1) commits an offence and is liable on conviction to the prescribed penalty.

Any Motor vehicle shall be seized and impounded at LTA Office for being driven whilst the motor vehicle registration (wheel tax) expires.

Pursuant to Section 74(2) (a) of the Land Transport Act 1998 the Authority may sell your vehicle by auction or public tender after one month from the date your vehicle was seized to recover the cost incurred to the Authority.

Pursuant to Section 73(7) of the Land Transport Act 1998, the Authority shall not be held liable for any damage to or loss of any item from the said motor vehicle during the seizure and removal. However all necessary precautions will be taken for its safe custody.

Checklists (What to carry with you when at the Counter)

  1. Valid original Third Party Policy.
  2. Advise Slip from Enforcement Section.


1 Seizure/Impounding Fees $69.67
2 Permission to drive fee $6.63
  Arrears of Motor Vehicle wheel tax (calculated from the date of wheel tax expiry till the seizure date)


  1. Customers issued with advise slip from enforcement section.
  2. Produce the advice slip with valid Third Party to the Customer Service Officer.
  3. Once the CSO receives the advice slip receipt is generated as the breakdown fees the customer is required to pay.
  4. Customer produces the receipt to the enforcement section and impounding register is updated accordingly.
  5. Vehicle keys given to the registered owner upon signing of the impounding register.
  6. Receipts are shown to the Gate Security to release the vehicle from the impounding yard.


  • Seizure and Impounding