Exemption from Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration exemption are only given to persons to which the government of Fiji has approved. These people may by expatriates or diplomats.

Below is the process of how can you exempt your vehicle from registration in Fiji.

Checklists (What to bring)

  1. Write a Request Letter to the Authority.
  2. Valid Registration certificate from overseas country.


1 Application Fees $9.48
2 Exemption Fees $19.90
  Total $29.38


  1. Fill in the application form (you can get this form online or at LTA’s office.)
  2. Submit the application form together with the checklist (as mentioned above) to the Customer Service Officer (CSO) and pay the application fees.
  3. Your application will then travel to the Team leader and the regional manager for approval.
  4. If your application is approved, you will need to pay the exemption fees to the CSO.
  5. CSO will issue you with the exemption permit.

Summary Workflow

  • Exemption-of-Vehicle-from-Registration