Primary and High School Awareness

Students comprise more than 50% of the travelling public and they are vulnerable traffic road accidents. The Authority conducts Road Safety School visitations programs whereby its Road Safety team’s visits, speak and conduct demonstrations to classes or the school whereby road safety trends are highlighted and advices are given to the children on the safe way of using the roads be it as a pedestrian or bus or car passengers.

Causes of traffic crashes are also highlighted and the children are encouraged to speak out against reckless behaviour made by the drivers especially speeding, talking on the mobile, etc.

As a result, some parents have commented that their children remind them not to commit traffic offences.

How is arrangements done?

There are three ways that the arrangements are carried out

  1. Schools can formally write over to the CEO (attention to the Road Safety Education Department) and seek the teams’ assistance in conducting road safety awareness and demonstrations to the school at a time that they have scheduled.
  2. The department will then conduct the program accordingly unless the time does not suite them whereby alternative arrangements are then made for the team to visit at another date.
  3. The school can also email directly to the department requesting for the same.
  4. The Department will make arrangements with the school for a team or individual to visit and talk or make presentations to the class/ school/ teachers management.

How long is the Program for?

Depending on the composure of the children or participants in terms of age, class, etc. the venue it is held and the number of officers in attendance the program can be for a minimum of 10 minutes only to 45 minutes per presentation. For young aged children, the program can be around 10 to 15 minutes only while for the Senior Classes in High schools, it could last between 30 – 45 minutes.

Are there any other school based activities carried out?

  1. Yes. The department also carries out school patrol audits whereby schools are then highlighted on what they are lacking and how they can improve.
  2. The Department also carries out road safety teacher’s workshops and specialized school patrol certified workshops.
  3. Other programs – school bus awareness programs are also carried out too where the team. intervenes school bus journey and conducts the awareness inside the bus.