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Annual Reports

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AR2012_optPDF10.66 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2011_optPDF12.65 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2008_optPDF12.00 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2009_optPDF11.36 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2010_optPDF10.27 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2003_optPDF10.70 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2005_optPDF10.48 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2004_optPDF10.40 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2006_optPDF8.80 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2002_optPDF17.19 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2001_optPDF15.77 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
AR2000_optPDF12.33 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download

LTA Newsletters

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Ethic IntegrityPDF4.26 MB04 Oct, 2022 Download
LTA News Vol. 1, 2016PDF630.43 KB06 Jan, 2017 Download

LTA Magazines

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LTA News Magazine. Issue 1 March-April 2018PDF121.69 MB22 Jun, 2018 Download
LTA News Magazine, Issue 2 May-June 2018PDF14.54 MB01 Aug, 2018 Download

LTA Factsheets

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FACTSHEET 1-Total Vehicle Registrations FinalPDF416.98 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 2 - PSV PermitsPDF507.89 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 3- Fatality Facts Jan-June2017PDF732.36 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 4- 10year period ratiosPDF513.32 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 5- Valid Vehicles July2017PDF523.40 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 6- Valid License Holders July2017PDF520.14 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 7- Vehicle Registration Comparison16v17PDF913.51 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
FACTSHEET 8- Fatality Analsysis13-16PDF583.84 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Bus Fare StructurePDF1.65 MB05 Oct, 2017 Download
Information Bulletin - AMVIA 1st EditionPDF740.99 KB17 Oct, 2019 Download
Information Bulletin - AMVIA 3rd EditionPDF759.32 KB17 Oct, 2019 Download
Information Bulletin - AMVIA 2nd EditionPDF571.91 KB17 Oct, 2019 Download
Code of Practice for Mechanical Engineering PlansPDF326.91 KB07 Nov, 2019 Download
Sample Plan formatPDF479.04 KB07 Nov, 2019 Download
Modifications to Your Vehicle – The Process ExplainedPDF607.48 KB19 Nov, 2019 Download
Mass LimitsPDF728.74 KB19 Jul, 2020 Download
GVM Table - Max. LoadsPDF671.51 KB19 Jul, 2020 Download
Exemption Process 3PDF566.28 KB19 Jul, 2020 Download
LTA Anti-Bribery PackPDF2.55 MB15 Aug, 2022 Download