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Self-Import Vehicle Policy Changes

Oct 04, 2019

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has made important changes to the self-importation of vehicles into the country.

Whether an individual or private entity, the revised self-import motor vehicle policy changes has been designed to include transfers to be made between siblings or immediate family members.

Immediate family members consist of spouse of the client, parents, grandchildren, sister, brother, blood ties involving children, adoption or marriage, and defacto relationships.


- Transfer to be made between subsidiary companies.

- If imported and not registered in Fiji for more than five (5) years, vehicle owners to submit documents to prove the day the motor vehicle or machinery landed in Fiji and the landing price of the motor vehicle or machinery

- A motor vehicle insurer disposing of a motor vehicle involved in accident which is or has been the subject of a motor vehicle insurance policy issued by the insurer.

- Transfer of self-motor vehicle from Diplomat to Diplomat where both the owner and the buyer is an expatriate and is accorded fourth (4th) schedule under the Fiji Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities act of 1971. Both diplomatic parties should serve in Fiji at least 2 years before transfer is considered.

- Transfer approved based on medical grounds with all the supporting documents to be verified.

Note: Due process will be followed in terms of the transfer of vehicles under the Self-Import policy in line with the LTA Act and Regulations.


 Samuel Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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