Smoke Emissions

Smoke emission is a serious problem in developed and developing countries, and it is becoming a real problem for Fiji. While it is true that all motor vehicle smoke, it is the degree of it, which is the problem.

In any country smoke emission is seen as the silent road killer, at times surpassing the road accident toll by as much as 60 - 70%, and cutting across all levels from the very young to the very old, irrespective of whether they reside near roads or far from it.

Elements in smoke emission can be seen in the early evening, or very early in the morning as a bluish haze hanging at waist height over roads, and more so around junctions. This is known as SMOG (a mixture of smoke and fog).

Emission is known to be caused by the following:

  1. Dirty engines,
  2. Engines not regularly maintained,
  3. Dirty fuel which includes the following:
    1. Fuel and water,
    2. Diesel and Kerosene,
    3. Fuel and Engine oil,
    4. Fuel and other contaminants,
  4. Poorly adjusted fuel systems,
  5. Driving attitude
  6. Quality of workmanship [qualified mechanics]
  7. Use of poor quality lubricant [check source]

Ways of minimizing or decreasing emission are:

  1. Engine maintenance on time
  2. Ask for tips from qualified technicians 
  3. Consult a mechanic when you hear or feel any change in engine performance
  4. Use quality feed filters, air elements and oil filters
  5. Use of manufacturers recommended engine oil
  6. Carry oil servicing at correct intervals